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Welcome to the least fun page on Yep, THAT kitty (YTK) – the Terms & Conditions page – where our little website takes off its clothes and stands before you, fully disclosed.

As you read, imagine a professionally polished voice speaking really fast… Just kidding! It’s not that bad 🙂 And transparency is super important!


I am not a Licensed Marriage and Family Therapist (LMFT), and the content of this blog is for informational and entertainment purposes only. None of the information presented is intended to replace the advice of a professional. Nor should it. I don’t wanna say “Use at your own risk” because that sounds so ominous, but here goes: Use at your own risk.

I make every effort to provide the most relevant, current, and accurate information on my blog, and I will update posts if the need arises. However, even though I do my best, please remember: Use at your own risk.

Ok, now imagine this part being said with a sexy British accent:

The bottom line is, we’re all adults here (Well, if you’re reading this, you better be an adult!), and you are responsible for you, and I am responsible for me. Yes? Yes.

Ok, whew!


No one at YTK will collect any of your personal information, but our website is hosted by WordPress, which is owned by Automattic, and they will. Here is a brief list of the kinds of information Automattic collects from visitors to WordPress-hosted sites.

  • The email address used to subscribe or follow a WP blog;
  • Technical data from a visitor’s computer, such as an IP address, the browser used, and certain network and device information;
  • Information about cookies.

To read more about the information WordPress/Automattic collects and shares, click here.


Many YTK blog posts include third-party links. Please know that we have no control over those sites, and as such, cannot speak to their privacy practices or any other element regarding that site. Tap/click at your own risk.


At this time, YTK does not host any ads and we are not associated with any affiliate programs. We also haven’t used Google Analytics (just the site stats provided by default by WordPress).

If we decide to host ads or join an affiliate program in the future, we will update these T&Cs to reflect that decision.

It helps to remember that most bloggers allow ads and/or affiliate links on their site because they want to keep creating, and most of us are very grateful for the small commissions.

We do not sell anything directly through this site, but we did start a small store on Zazzle, mostly because we wanted a mug with our really cute logo on it 😉

Speaking of which… If you like the YTK logo, you can check out the artist’s portfolio here.


All of the writing shared here at YTK is my intellectual property, and as such, is protected by copyright.

If you are here reading any of this or any of my words, know that I feel lucky to have you as a reader. I would be overjoyed at the prospect of anyone sharing my work – I just ask that it is attributed to me or to YTK.

The images used in this blog are all in the Public Domain and/or licensed under Creative Commons and are attributed in the posts themselves.


If you have any questions regarding the T&Cs, please email: besah2AThotmailDOTcom.

Thank you for reading!

~ Nadia

Updated: 30 April 2021

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