Yep, THAT kitty

Sex & Relationship Talk for Two


Like many other couples, my partner and I spend way too much time scrolling Netflix, Amazon Prime, Hulu, etc. One night, we finally settled on a documentary about Playboy magazine. Watching it reminded me of all the time I spent in my late teens and early twenties reading Savage Love, the advice column in the back of my local weekly, and The Playboy Advisor.

Watching the documentary also made me a little nostalgic for that time of discovery and spurred me into creating “Yep, THAT kitty” as a nonjudgmental, sex-positive space for those navigating coupledom.

Nadia Darling is the author of Play Thing and Sex Shop: Stories. Once upon a time, she was a stripper, the manager of an adult toy store, and a submissive active in the LA BDSM scene.

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