No longer associated only with masturbation, sex toys can help jump start a sex life that has become routine or provide even more opportunities for those who already enjoy experimenting in the bedroom.

But in case the thought “procuring sex toys means I can’t please my partner with my own body” is lurking in a shadowy corner of your mind, remember –

What procuring sex toys really means is that you’re committed to your partner’s pleasure. And that you really like orgasms!

According to an analysis of several studies, 75% of women need more than intercourse in order to reach climax…

Source: “The Most Important Sexual Statistic,” Psychology Today

Now that that is out of the way, where to begin?

With regards to sex toys, there is a seemingly infinite number of options and sometimes that translates to too many options, but I am here to help 🙂

I had a lot of fun cross-referencing best-sex-toys-for-couples lists so I could curate a list here. I looked at twelve different magazines, and a mixture of men’s and women’s magazines at that. Furthermore, each list was posted within the last year or so (with the exception of one from 2015).

Out of all the bullets, cock rings, vibrating butt plugs, clitoral and g-spot stimulators, etc., the toy that takes the cake, according to my research, is…

And the winner is…

The We-Vibe couples vibrator made it on the most lists – by far. Put simply, it is a U-shaped toy, and one part sits up top, stimulating the clitoris, while the other fits stealthily inside the vagina, leaving room for a penis to enter and both parties to experience the vibrating effects.


  • Eva Hands-Free Vibrator by Dame
  • Fin (finger vibrator) by Dame

The good thing about finger vibrators is that they truly do feel like an accessory because they won’t steal the spotlight. They are also excellent for providing clitoral stimulation during doggy style.

I did not include any sex pillows or toys commonly associated with kink, such as wrist cuffs. I also did not include strap-on kits (pegging deserves its own post), but many of the lists did feature them.

Two of the lists featured a Please and Play Set by Je Joue, but it doesn’t appear to be available any longer; Je Joue is offering up The Couples Collection Gift Set instead.

Honorable mentions, or just mentions

From a How in the world? standpoint, I am definitely curious about the Zumio X. Apparently, it does not vibrate, but works off of rotation.

When I worked at a sex shop a looong time ago, the biggest seller was a powerful pocket rocket called the Mega-Mite. It was inexpensive and seriously wow’d during a demo because you wouldn’t expect it to be as strong as it is.

The most impressive-looking toy there was the Waterproof Jack Rabbit by CalExotics – a rotating vibrator that is inserted while the “rabbit” stimulates the clitoris from the outside.

And finally…

Everybody knows, when it comes to the world of sex toys, the Hitachi Magic Wand has been the reigning king for years. It also does double duty as a back massager and there are cordless varieties as well.

With sex toys, you still have battery and rechargeable options for cordless toys so keep that in mind when buying 🙂

A couple other tips I picked up working at the sex shop:

  • The bigger dong vibes probably won’t deliver strong vibrations where you need them because of the location of the motor. They are, however, great for double penetration.
  • Lube, lube, and more lube! Preferably water based – especially for vaginal penetration. The vagina has its own natural way of maintaining itself and water-based lube is less likely to interfere with that.

What I learned

File this under things I should’ve known – that a sex toy can simulate oral sex. Here are two…


b-Vibe Remote Control Rechargeable Vibrating Rimming Butt Plug by Lovehoney

Most likely to try

Out of all the toys I read about, the two I am most likely to try are:

Tilt (vibrating & warming plug) by Lora DiCarlo because I love a warming sensation… speaking of which – if you’re lucky enough to have a detachable shower head, give it a test run to gauge how open you are to experimenting with sex toys 🙂

Rub Me Massage Bar – Like orgasms, frequent massages are another way to make your partner feel great!

Image credit: Anna Shvets, Pexels