Lights, camera, action! 

Not so fast, Porn-sese…

But all I need is my smartphone, right?

Smartphones are handy little gadgets, but before you can accept your award-winning orgasms, you will need two things:

Your phone AND your partner’s consent – the enthusiastic kind.

There is no making a sex tape without consent. Recording someone having sex without their explicit permission is something else and that something is wrong.

Bonus ideas

When making your sex tape, here are some other things you might like to have/do…

Flattering lighting – Natural light is ideal (yay for morning sex!), but soft, warm lighting and candles will work too. Good lighting should help ease any anxiety or hesitation you might have over perceived body imperfections as well.

Dressing up – It is important to be yourselves when making a sex tape, but that doesn’t mean you can’t dress up. Chances are, recording yourselves having sex will increase the hotness of the sex itself; now imagine some sexy attire on top of that too! Sounds like fun to me 😉

And if either of you have any concerns about your faces being visible on camera, wearing a hat, wig, or mask could make you feel more comfortable. Of course, you can always establish a “no faces” rule if you want to.

Deciding on a safeword – It would be a good idea to have a safeword that means filming is over – for any reason whatsoever – full stop.

Lastly, consider going old school with a good old VHS instead of your smartphone if you want there to be even less chance of anyone else viewing your sex tape. If that is not your particular brand of nerdy, however, then you can always agree to delete it after you watch it together.

More, please

If you discover that you are both really into making sex tapes and want to explore even more possibilities, such as making amateur porn, check out this article for tips from the MakeLoveNotPorn team.

Image credit: cottonbro, Pexels