With the advanced technology of our cell phone cameras and a multitude of flattering apps, we have seemingly limitless selfie options if we just have the time and patience. 

You are already as intimate as intimate can be with the mirror version of yourself (which we actually prefer), and you’ve probably already figured out your ideal selfie angles (with a front-facing camera no less, which is how others see us), but why not have the experience of seeing yourself through someone else’s eyes? A professional’s eyes? Getting boudoir shots done would give you a new perspective – an opportunity to learn about yourself.

Thinking beyond the thirst trap

If you have any interest at all in getting boudoir shots done, I say go for it!

Even though boudoir shoots are a popular bridal gift, you don’t have to take them for your partner – you can take them for you.

A while back, I read an interview with a famous actress and she said that every woman should have tasteful nudes taken of themselves to appreciate when they are older. (I can’t remember who the actress was, sorry!) When I was approached by a photographer who wanted to shoot me, this advice popped into my head, so I said yes.

If you are not comfortable with the idea of getting nudes done, you’re in luck! Boudoir photos are merely suggestive. You will pick out a few things – lingerie, bathing suits (a one-piece and a two-piece), or jeans and a man’s white dress shirt if that’s your thing (me!) – whatever makes you feel sexy and confident.

Think classic cinema siren – smokey eyes and a red lip… Although, you and the professional makeup artist will decide what makeup look is sexiest on you. You should still look like you but the glamorous version!


  • Before making the investment – and it is an investment! – of a boudoir photoshoot, make sure to fully research your choices. It is not cheap, but pricing can vary greatly. Read reviews (just as you would with any larger-than-usual purchase), get testimony from previous clients if possible, and peruse all the portfolios.
  • If you’re going to go out and buy lingerie for a boudoir shoot, don’t buy what you like if you haven’t already learned to love what looks good on you. What I mean is – don’t necessarily go for what you’re attracted to on the hanger. Rather, go for what flatters your body type. For my part, I love love love the clothing brand Marigold Shadows (even the name, swoon!), but very few of their pieces work on my frame.
  • And if you haven’t done so already, do yourself a favor and get properly fitted for a bra. It is one of the best things I ever did for myself – and after years and years of wasting money at Victoria’s Secret (well, it wasn’t always a waste wink, wink! I did find some gems). For what it’s worth, my favorite bras are made by Chantelle.

Image credit: Hayley Himmelman at Scopio