You don’t have to be into bondage or BDSM to experiment with a blindfold in the bedroom. A blindfold can simply be another sexy go-to in your repertoire. 

Experimenting with a blindfold comes with a lot of benefits. For one, it can help ease inhibitions around physical insecurities that can distract from giving and receiving pleasure. Think of it as permission to let go. At the very least, wearing a blindfold will heighten your other senses, which will make your erogenous zones even more, well, erogenous.

If you are curious about blindfolding, you don’t need to purchase one (unless you want to!) – a sleep mask, scarf, or bandana will do. Even nylons (my personal fave) or ribbon can do the trick. You want your blindfold to be snug, but not too snug – you don’t want it pressing the eyelid into the eye, for example.

Some things to think about

The experience of being blindfolded is very psychological, meaning it creates a headspace where vulnerability is present and trust is required. Above all other considerations, the blindfolded partner needs to feel safe. Make sure that the room is at a comfortable temperature and keep a hand on your partner at all times – or some variation of skin-to-skin contact – even when you’re reaching for that strawberry or warming lube… speaking of which – teasing with an ice cube or some gentle tickling with a feather or some rose petals (or even your breath) are some other fun things to try during blindfolding.

Another way to provide a safe, loving headspace for your partner is to establish a safeword beforehand. If your partner is uncomfortable or scared or anxious or doesn’t even quite know what they’re feeling (they just know it isn’t what they want to feel), then the safeword is there for them to use to either slow down, pause, or end the scene. 

So, now that you and your partner are pros with a blindfold, what can you talk about trying next?

Wrist restraints

Wrist restraints are a blindfold’s natural companion. I recommend using nylons (again, my fave) because they are sexy, light, and flexible. Similar to being blindfolded, having your wrists tied is also a very psychological experience, so the mere suggestion of restraint is often enough in the beginning – the suggestion being the feel of the nylon loosely gathering your wrists.

With wrist restraints, it becomes even more important to remember to use your safeword if you need it.

If you’re interested in learning more about how to safely experiment with wrist restraints (or about most any BDSM practice, really), I highly recommend reading The Loving Dominant by John Warren. I have read my share of BDSM books and this is the one I like the most.

Unless you have done your research, it is not a good idea to use handcuffs – they hurt and not in a good way. And with costume or knock-off cuffs, the risk of injury is just not worth it.

Hot wax

Hot wax is another companion to the experience of blindfolding. If you light candles to set the mood for your blindfold session, you might be tempted to use the wax, but don’t. For hot wax play, you can’t use just any candle – scented and/or colored candles, in particular, can cause burns.

Hot wax play can be a very sensually rewarding experience, but it requires some research and planning before adding it to your bedroom repertoire.

You and your partner might also have had a little wine while getting in the mood, but it’s best to wait until you’re no longer tipsy before experimenting with hot wax and/or wrist restraints. Safety is a top priority and, trust me, the endorphins will be enough for a good time.

Image credit: Rodolfo Clix, Pexels